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a black and white drawing of a coffee cup next to a plant with the words quiza no pueda cambiar al mundo, peo, pero,
a black and white drawing of the words gracias written in spanish on a white background
some writing on a blackboard with pink and white letters in different languages, including the word
Entra en el Mundo Mágico de Genma
a black and white poster with the words crea en ti y tod sera posible
Enkolor/Vinilos Decorativos Frases Normas Casa/Pegatinas Pared/Negro/35X60cm. Extensión Garantía - Servicio Vinilo Repara Incluido
a cartoon girl with her eyes closed and the caption is written in spanish, which reads
FELIZ VIERNES... mañana nos vemos en #Diamond !!
the spanish phrase is written in pink and purple with an ornate frame above it that reads,
Regalos De Aniversario Sorprende A Tu Pareja
Regalos De Aniversario: Sorprendé A Tu Pareja!