Clever Handmade - Embroidery Patterns - Rub Ons - Mod Flowers

Clever Handmade - Embroidery Patterns - Rub Ons - Mod Flowers: If you prefer free hand sewing but need a little guide then you will love these Embroidery Pattern Rub Ons from Clever Handmade. Sew directly onto them and take the credit for an

Nudo inglés en lugar de nudo francés. Hacer un verdadero nudo en lugar de una rosquilla en forma de nudo.

English knot instead of French knot. makes a true knot instead of a donut shaped knot. Comment: I believe this is what I know as a candlewick knot. Directions available in candlewicking patterns popular some years ago.

week NEW MEDIA. i looooove mandalas! this embroidery is beautiful and the color choices compliment each other very well