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Крючок: мотивы, прихватки, коврики

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Think this would be amazing

Crochet Curtains For Kids Room - The curtains in a room determine the method by which the room feels and looks. There reall

Cortina de café hecho a mano ganchillo cortina por LynnLakeWorkshop

Handmade Coffee Curtain, crocheted door curtain, cotton cutwork curtain, crochet pattern window treatment for home decor Más

Garland ventana colgante copo de nieve guirnalda por CAROcreated

Inspiration ~ Crochet Garland Window Hanging Snowflake Garland by CAROcreated.I really, really need to learn how to crochet snowflakes because I love them.

Cortinas a crochet

Cortinas a crochet

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cortina pompones3

I like this idea with this felt balls curtain that hangs from crocheted fabric. Maybe hang something else nicer than felt balls?