o.o Eso se llama guardar la calma xD

so girl with the headphones.are u the person who killed them or do u not know what's happening?

Sera mejor que no se metan con Miku e.e

What happened to you miku! welcome to my side of the music -miku

Es mi imaginacion o ella mato a alguien (? xD

I hate soo much this anime. makoto is one of the characters i hate with all my soul. and kotonoha and sekai pffff -.


One of the most memorable scenes in My Neighbor Totoro is the one at the bus stop. Wouldn't it be great to visit a real Totoro bus stop? Good news.


Thriller, Vocaloid, Horror, Bella, Death, Darkness, Searching

Las chicas con cuchillos bañados en sangre son lindas u.u

women backround desktop nexus wallpaper by Sewell Allford