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Discover a well-known retreat house featuring spacious four bedrooms with ample closet space, a large full bathroom, and an open, pleasant floor plan perfect for various activities. Explore the peaceful ambiance and comfortable amenities of this charming retreat spot.
Cheerful New American Style Country House W/ 2-Car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Discover a well-known retreat house featuring spacious four bedrooms with ample closet space, a large full bathroom, and an open, pleasant floor plan perfect for various activities. Explore the peaceful ambiance and comfortable amenities of this charming retreat spot.
a red barn with the words metal building homes on it and an image of a garage
26 X 64 Modern Barndominium With Screened Porch (HQ Plans & Real Examples)
Experience the charm of modern countryside living in this stunning two-story barn home spanning over 2000 square feet. Boasting three bedrooms and top-notch amenities, make this cozy retreat your dream abode.
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Bright 2-story Barndominium W/ Attached Garage/Shop (HD Plans & 3D Concepts)
Explore the intricate details of this charming 2,100 square feet barndominium featuring a stylish metal gable roof. Embrace outdoor activities and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature right at your doorstep.
the floor plan for a house with two car garages
6BHK Spacious Country Style House with Wide Porch w/ 2-Car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Experience the timeless charm of this Craftsman-style home design that seamlessly blends classic elements with contemporary features. From its inviting gable roof to the rustic details, this house plan exudes character and warmth. Perfect for those seeking a balance between tradition and modernity in their dream home.
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Breathtaking Wrap Around Porch Farmhouse W/ 3-Car Garage/Workshop (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Embrace the charm of this captivating barndominium featuring a spacious 2,123 sq. ft. garage/workshop designed with country-style farmhouse elements. Discover the exquisite blend of rustic aesthetics and modern comfort in this remarkable space that promises to inspire creativity and relaxation alike. Step into a world where functionality meets elegance, offering you the perfect sanctuary to unwind and create beautiful memories with your loved ones.
a red barn with the words bungalow multi - generational barndominium w / adu & 5 car garage
Bungalow Multi-generational Barndominium W/ ADU & 5-car Garage
Explore the potential of multi-generational living in this charming rustic ADU barndominium. Discover the perfect setup with two cozy residences providing ample space for a harmonious extended family lifestyle. Embrace the unique blend of modern convenience and traditional charm in this thoughtfully designed living space, offering endless possibilities for shared memories and bonding moments.
two story garage plans with lofts and living quarters for 2 car garage floor plans
Classic Barndominium W/ 3-car Attached Garage & Bonus Attic Space (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Discover this charming 4-bedroom barndominium, boasting a simple yet elegant barn-style exterior perfect for embracing a harmonious work-life balance. Experience the convenience of working from the comfort of your own home in style.
a garage with the words, bunglow garage style barn home w / 3 car garage
Bungalow Carriage Style Barn Home W/ 3-Car Garage (HQ Plan & 3D Concepts)
Explore the charm of this unique barn home, designed in the style of a vintage carriage. Perfect for those who appreciate traditional architecture and rustic elegance. Step inside and be inspired by the timeless beauty of this picturesque dwelling.
the floor plan for an apartment with 2 car garage
Outstanding Modern Garage Apartment W/ 2-Car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
This budget-friendly carriage home features a spacious floor plan centered around a convenient two-car garage. With plenty of living space, this home offers both functionality and comfort for you and your family to enjoy.
the front and back side of a house with text that reads, simple 4 - bed country
Simple 4-Bed Country Barndominium W/ Rear Access 2-car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Explore this minimalist and tranquil barndominium design for a peaceful living experience. Take a closer look at this spacious 3,184 sq. ft. floor plan that combines functionality with serenity. With its clean lines and practical layout, it provides a harmonious and efficient living space that promises relaxation and comfort. Consider this modern dwelling as your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
the floor plan for this modern home is shown in two different colors and features an open living
Exquisite Contemporary Barndominium W/ 2 Fireplaces, Upper Level Laundry, & 3-car Garage (HQ Plans &
Discover the striking transformation of this contemporary barndominium, redefining the classic charm of farmhouse living. Witness its captivating exterior as it offers a fresh perspective on traditional barndos. Explore the fusion of modern design elements with rustic elegance in this unique architectural creation.
a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen
Chic 3-bed Modern Barndominium W/ Finished Second-floor Expansion (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Transform your vacant space with this stunning modern barndominium featuring a spacious 2,178 sq. ft. interior. Step into a sanctuary of tranquility with its zen-inspired design and enjoy the added luxury of a heated environment for year-round comfort.
the front and back side of a house with text that reads metal building homes grand pavilion attached
Grand Pavilion Attached with Rusty 2BHK Cottage House (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Experience the charm of this rustic house design with its expansive outdoor living area and unique stair tower feature. The castle-like vibe adds a touch of extraordinary character to the home, creating a truly captivating ambiance.
a brochure with the words farmhouse - like 4hk barndomium v / drive through garage & basement extension
Farmhouse-like 4BHK Barndominium W/ Drive-through Garage & Basement Extension (HQ Plans & 3D Concept
Explore the transformation of your sloped land into a beautiful residence with a captivating elevated deck. Discover the modern elegance and remarkable potential of this inviting space.
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Classy 4BHK Barndominium w/ RV Parking Space & 6-Car Garage (HQ Plans & 3D Concepts)
Discover a spacious four-bedroom floor plan on one side, complemented by a generous 3,180 square foot connected garage on the other. Explore the perfect balance of living space and storage solutions in this versatile home design.