Esta flor tuvo una gran carga simbólica en el Antiguo Egipto, la India y China –y lo continúa teniendo–. Entre sus principales significados, se destacan la pureza y la resurrección.

7 delicados tatuajes para la espalda y sus significados

Back tattoo /// Lotus flower /// "Another back lotus, this time on and just as beautiful. (by Make your own with henna.

lotus tattoo. I had a friend do one on my back once with henna. It was awesome.

43 Attractive Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

if I ever et a tato it will be of a lotus flower.The lotus flower signifies the struggle and changes in life. The same way the lotus flower grows from something ugly but uses the light to guide it to the top and eventually becomes something beautiful.

Tatuaje de una flor de loto minimalista situado en el antebrazo...

Minimalist lotus flower tattoo on the right forearm.Done by Jon Boy · Jonathan Valena


Lotus flower tattoo designs looks very beautiful and elegant. Lotus flower tattoo generally preferred by women but it is also popular for men.