Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Beauty Director, Eleanor!

MAC Make-up Birthday Cake. This is not cute, I thought this was real makeup. which means if I had this bday cake I'd think it was makeup & not food.


30 Sweet and Tasty Cake Art Design Collection

For those new to cake decorating, being brave enough to start a cake can be the hardest part, but we want to help with a few tips and cake designs for beginners that will help you build your repertoire of techniques and have you producing beautiful cakes right off the bat.

7 Cake Designs for Beginners to Tackle

Build your repertoire of cake decorating techniques and produce beautiful cakes right off the bat with these fun and inspiring cake designs for beginners.

Beautiful Spring Cake The cakes on this site are so beautiful. I'm inspired. I want to be able to make these some day.

15 Beautiful Ways to Decorate a Cake with Flowers

Flower pot cakes - No instructions. The link goes to Wm Sonoma site, no flower pot cakes to be found -but it's an adorable idea!

I love this design! It's a mixture of candy,lolly pops , ice cream and generally sweets! Cool idea for a birthday or special occasion.

Los 34 pasteles y tortas más creativos del mundo que son demasiado geniales como para comerlos.

Candy Land Birthday cake in a rainbow of colors. This is way to cool, now I want a Candy Land Birthday party!

Cake. CAKE!

red velvet cake that looks exactly like a nikon camera. TheyCallMeDarbs red velvet cake that looks exactly like a nikon camera. red velvet cake that looks exactly like a nikon camera.

Frozen Cake - For all your cake decorating supplies, please visit

21 Frozen birthday cakes you'll probably never be able to make - but your kids will definitely want

Wouldn't the Musikfest Cafe be a cool frozen tundra? Perfect for a Frozen themed birthday party! Don't forget to bring an amazing looking cake like this!

Rosebud Cakes Wedding Cake Angelina Ballerina Birthday Cake Such a cute cake cake