Light & ribbon garland. Just tie ribbons onto a string of lights.

Light & ribbon garland - tie ribbons (or even fabric scraps for a shabby chic look) onto a string of lights for a dinner or cocktail soiree

For the Table Top... maybe use wreath battery christmas light and different christmas fabric. CUTE @terrikraham

Top 10 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decorations


What a nifty idea! Sewn paper Garland Hanson Shades of purple, borrow Kryssies sewing machine. This would be super cute and inexpensive

heart garland

Valentines Day garland made of colored papers, doilies, aluminum foil.all come to mind (Valentines Day craft for kids)

Cool paper ribbon tutorial + banner

Origami paper bow tutorial link with video. Great idea for gifts that need to be mailed.