Salt Flats (Argentina) - We had such a great time taking photos here. Worth the long drive.

Salinas Grandes ------- Salt Flats (Argentina) - We had such a great time taking photos here. Worth the long drive.

Cerro Torre, Argentina

The 6 Greatest Mountaineering Rivalries

Cerro Torre, Southern Patagonian Ice Field, west of Cerro Chalten, South America (between Argentina and Chile)

Puerto de pescadores, Mar del Plata,provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Mar del Plata in Argentina is perhaps one of the best beach resorts in the country. It is packed with people swimming, watching street performers on the Plaza Colon, and walking the port


Congreso de Buenos Aires - Located in Buenos Aires downtown, the Congreso is one of the examples of Buenos Aires' amazing architecture.


Argentina - Caminito - La Boca A place I would love to visit


Kelp…my favorite underwater forest. I love the way the long lines of kelp sway with the ocean surge…hypnotic. Did you know Kelp is known to contain at least 60 different minerals and elements, as well.


Angel Falls , Venezuela, 979 metres feet) Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall. Angel Falls – spills from the Auyantep.


Iguazu or Iguassu Falls Honeymoon in Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu or Iguassu Falls means "Devils Throat" is a waterfall located in the Iguazu River and lies between Argentina and Brazil, South America.


2009 Cultural Geography And Tourist Attractions - Argentina: 9 Colorful Apartments Buenos Aires Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Brazil. Argentine.

Paraná River, Brazil The Parana River is the longest river in the world. Though most of the river is located in Brazil, it also runs through other parts of South America such as Argentina and Paraguay.