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bookshelfporn: DIY Ladder Bookshelves To get this look, all you need are two ladders and some wood planks. Paint the ladders and the wood if you want, then slide the wood planks through the ladders so they are resting on the ladder steps.

Design Pallet Lamps

Design Pallet Lamps

Wall Pallet Lamp - Wood Lamps - iD Lights ❤️use like a screen to make a fake entry and not walk directly into living room.

A DIY to keep you stylishly organized. Step 1: Gather supplies: 2–4 sets of square nesting boxes, tissue paper, large binder clips, Washi tape, glue stick, Xacto knife, ruler and a pencil. Step 2: Lay out boxes in a design that works for your space, keeping the bottom squares even. Step 3: Measure the inside of each box and cut the tissue paper to fit. Glue in. Step 4: Attach Washi tape to the front edge of each box, flip over and cut off the excess; secure together with binder clips. Done!

To keep you stylishly organized. Step Gather supplies: sets of square…

Plumber bookshelves

Plumber Bookshelves

Office improvement with pallets

Office Improvement with Pallets

Recycled office in Brazil features cool shelves from recovered pallets. The two created an 'interactive room' for the show turning pallets into tables and an arrangement of shelves that serve as magazine, stationery and props holder.

Pallet garden chairs

Pallet Garden Chairs

Pallet garden chairs in furniture pallets 2 garden 2 with Upcycled Pallets Garden ideas Chair