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#ThorRagnarok - Gag Reel. #TomHiddleston #Loki. Video: Gif by Torrilla

#ThorRagnarok - Gag Reel. #TomHiddleston #Loki. Video: Gif by Torrilla

Otra sacudida de Hulk necesita...wajajaja

66 funny pictures - I mean, hes the god of mischief, Thor, what did you expect. Had to pin this again for the comment and because its just so darn funny and I do it to my friends all the time!

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this gif. i cannot control this laughter. << they want an el dorado movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. I need this movie to be a thing that happens. <--- I would so watch that movie!

THIS IS PROBABLY THE FUNNIEST THOR GIF IN THE WORLD. << it gets funnier the longer you watch it<<<<its true his face is hilarious<<<<<<<<he totally flipps himself over!!!!

[GIF] Sometimes I wonder if Chris is actually aware that he's stronger than about of the world.// poor Loki, but this is hilarious XD. And Chris just sits over there laughing after he falls XD