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carrots are sitting on a wooden table next to a box of fresh and picked carrots
30 envases que son un auténtico soplo de aire fresco en el universo del packaging
set of tags with the words organic food and leaves on them, for sale or advertising
551,535 Healthy Store Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
the wedding stationery is laid out and ready to be put into their guests'bags
Packaging - Cosas Visuales - Page 5
an egg carton with six eggs in it, and one is open to show the inside
Egg box
Esta caja de huevos nos hace ver que no es necesario el plástico para conservarlos y presentarlos.
various logos and emblems for natural products, such as nuts, leaves, berries, etc
Tips para leer las etiquetas de los cosméticos
a sign that is in the grass with vegetables around it and words describing what to eat
Cómo hacer tus almácigos para esta primavera?
Almácigos, Plantines, huerta orgánica, el huerto orgánico, siembra, semilleros, almacigueros, cómo sembrar | Nace una semilla