View of the 7 Lakes Circuit in Bariloche, Argentina. For more things to do, check:

Bariloche, A Paradise of Chocolate, Beer and Outdoor Sports

7 Lakes Circuit in Bariloche, Argentina

Iguazu viene de palabras de Guarani o Tupi donde "y" significa agua y "ûasú" significa grande. Leyenda es que un dios quizo casarse con un mujer linda, Naipí, pero escapo con su amante mortal, Tarobá, en un canoa. De rabia, el dios corto los río en dos, creando los dos cataratas condenando los amantes a un caída eterna. - MA & CJ

Waterfalls around the World - Iguazu Falls - Brazil

Palermo Soho, mi buenos aires querido. Tambien a

Palermo Soho (The cherry blossom girl)

Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, one of my favourite places to stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires.

things to do in buenos aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Vista aérea de La Casa Rosada,(Casa de Gobierno)

Buenos Aires, Argentina 22 August 2009 Aerial view of La Casa Rosada, officially known as the Casa de Gobierno or Palacio Presidencial.

Cerro de los Siete Colores, Jujuy, Argentina (AR)

Salta - Humahuaca, AR, Mtns of Hornocal (Hill of Seven Colors), part of the limestone…

Buenos Aires, El Gato Negro

Corrientes Buenos Aires (They sell spices, coffee, tea and more. since You can also go there to enjoy a coffee with a slice of delicious cake, surrounded by the wonderful smell of the spices.

El Tigre, BA, #Argentina

El Tigre, BA, A tributary of the Rio de La Plata.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Puerto madero is an upscale neighborhood of buenos aires where the best restaurants , bars, hotels and clubs are hosts for the upscale traveleres

Argentina calling! Que hermoso lugar. -- #BuenosAires, #Argentina

Florida street- great area for people watching and changing dollars/ reales to pesos. There's lots of shopping too, but the stores in general are overpriced.

Puerto Madero buenos aires #argentina

Where I want to go in South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hotel Villavicencio- Mendoza- Argentina

Been there :)

Camino a San Martin de los Andes

in Jerusalem - Israel

Bosque de lengas otoñales en Villa la Angostura. #Argentina

Bosque de lengas otoñales en Villa la Angostura. #Argentina

Argentine polo; the best in the world! History, Culture and Traditions; in keeping with my story

argentine polo players :D