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a chalkboard with the words you will never look into the eyes of someone god does not love always be kind
Let's make this weekend a weekend of KINDNESS...HAPPY FRIDAY from New Day Church Brandon, Fl.... #NewDayChurchBrandon #PastorMichaelHailey #BrandonFLChurch #God #Grace
a poster with instructions on how to choose the right bride and groom for their wedding day
an image of jesus on the screen with text that reads, many turn from jesus because of
a poem written in black ink with the words girl, read your bible on it
Spoonie Body Image Issues and Feminism and The Whole Glorious Mess
two tweets on twitter with one saying i just saw a picture and it said what would you do if you woke up tomorrow?
Not my picture credits to og owner
Tips, Mouth, Res, Goals, Ord, Kata-kata, Challenge
Norman, OK Real Estate Agents
a tweet that reads, i want to reach for god the way i reach for
vsco + chypm