How adorable is this fox puppet? A super cute and fun DIY craft made out of a toilet paper roll! Kids will love making and playing with this cute critter!

http://hagamoscosas.com/marioneta-materiales-reciclados-manualidades-ninos/                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

http://hagamoscosas.com/marioneta-materiales-reciclados-manualidades-ninos/ Más

Hand Dolls  Styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, eye balls, imagination

These Finger Friends Puppets are craft fun for kids and the end result is hours of finger puppet play when the craft project is complete. This craft is si

Giraffe Marionette / String Puppet

Goki Marionette Giraffe Toy: Magical marionette made of wood. Dexterity and motor skills are learned through play. Lovable and easy to move - for those who want to learn the fine art of puppetry. This cute marionette brings much joy to the children's.

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Choose 5 finger puppets from the image, and choose the color of your bag. PUKACAs finger puppets are unique pieces, as they are handmade, not all

Cómo hacer títeres

Cómo hacer títeres

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Horse ,  puppet marionette

Czech Puppets & Marionettes for sale , Wood marionettes and hand puppets.

Rhinoceros Safari Animal Hand Puppet Adult por ThatsSewPersonal

You are looking at a full safari animal hand puppet set - available in two sizes! This is a set of 9 puppets - cheetah, elephant, gazelle,