Enamel Map Mug - Urban Outfitters #UOonCampus

Enamel Map Mug

Just bought one of the classical and felt inmediatly again with enamel mugs. Enamel Map Mug - Urban Outfitters


small tin globe with unusual yellow colouring of oceans (normally blue), early to mid century

World Globes

was always looking for a use of globes - Hanging globes for either an office/travel room or as a mobile above a baby's crib. I also like whatever is going on in the background with the papers on the wall.

1913 J. Bartholomew world map : Heart shaped (Stabius-Werner) projection

vintage tin globe

Back to School, Back to Reality…

Gemstone Paperweight Copper Amber (Free Shipping) Gemstone globe is handmade with a variety of semi precious stones that are individually hand carved to represent each country. Each gemstone globe paperweight features 25 semi precious stones selected from countries around the world and, where possible, show the country of origin. Longitude, latitude and international date lines are added with a fine gold or silver thread.

Kalifano Copper Amber Gemstone Globe Paperweight - Give any desk or shelf a handcrafted accent that has global appeal with the Kalifano Copper Amber Gemstone Globe Paperweight .