I made this one for my sons birthday, he is a real sweet tooth ;-) Spongecake filled with cream-mascarpone, strawberry pieces and lemon curd.

Spiderman cake tutorial

The most famous superhero character from Marvel that every kid is crazy about. So there is no doubt if you are presenting a Spiderman cake for your boy’s or …

Spiderman Cake..

Spiderman Cake - A Spiderman cake for a special little boy: classic chocolate cake filled with cookies 'n cream buttercream and milk chocolate ganache. Spiderman topper is made out of gumpaste.

Spiderman Birthday Cake

love the spiderman layer on the top and the night scene on the bottom- would need bats flying in the sky. maybe pow zap etc on the base with 'hugo' and 'max' in the same lettering

Hulk Smash! — Super Heroes / Cartoon Characters

— Super Heroes / Cartoon Characters <<<<< Screw the idea of being a kid's cake, I want one for my birthday!