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i wish i was a dancer….

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Dance shoot done by Rebecca and Serene with help from Dennis for the guidance and choreography. Thanks to Wilson for the organising too. Great learning experience, great dancers in their own sense. Credit to every individuals PORTFOLIO

Kelly Gale on Instagram: “Finding peace and quiet in a noisy world. Recharging.🔋🙏🏽”

33.4k Likes, 187 Comments - Kelly Gale (@kellybellyboom) on Instagram: “Finding peace and quiet in a noisy world. Recharging.🔋🙏🏽”

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Modern take on Yves Klein's "Leap Into the Void"


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Astra (5 colors)

DeeTrade's Astra is top-rated orthotic women’s sneakers for problem feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and bunions. With advanced arch support insoles suitable for wide feet, pronators, or flat feet. It provides protection and relief after surgery, for people with arthritis, diabetic walkers. It's lightweight: 6.9 oz

70+ Beautiful Pose Yoga Photography - Creative Maxx Ideas

Dorothée Gilbert, training in the Zambelli’s room inside the Opéra Garnier. Photo by James Bort

A sunday afternoon with Dorothée Gilbert

Dorothée Gilbert, training in the Zambelli’s room inside the Opéra Garnier. Photo by James Bort


DAY 5: In the 5th of this 7 part series, Samin, will guide you through her weekly Leg Strengthening Workout routine. Strong legs are so important to yoga pra...

Positive Practice - Support Yourself With Quality Yoga Accessories

There are many different reasons for taking up and practising Yoga. For one person they may be ill and looking to rejuvenate themselves. Another will want to maintain and improve their current level of health. Some people like the mental challenge…and for some it is a physical challenge that can be overcome. Some people may use Yoga as a relaxing form of stress relief. The great thing about Yoga is that all these people are going to find what they are looking for and so much more. Yoga has a…

Buddhism and Yoga - A Brief Summary

When you are pregnant everyone has an opinion and an important skill to learn early on in the pregnancy is to be able to listen to these opinions, comment politely and then make up your own mind. There are as many different ways of having and raising children as there are children, and once your child is born you need to do what works for you and your family, not what worked for someone else. This doesn’t mean you should ignore advice that is given to you. Usually it will be being dished out…

Discovering The History And Concepts Of Different Branches of Yoga

Yoga has been described as a science which seeks to achieve the harmonious and balanced development of the body, mind and soul.

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yoga poses names in hindi

Finding Time-Saving Yoga Studio Management Software

yoga poses names in hindi

Nike Women's Spring 2015 Collection -

Nike unveiled its new Spring/Summer 2015 Women’s collections featuring new performance gear and designer collaborations that will blow your mind. The new collection accommodates every element of a modern woman’s athletic lifestyle with products spanning from Nike’s running, training and sportswear categories. “With such an explosion of creativity in sport and a growing lifestyle that …

#只為更讚 模特兒王麗雅:每天,都多一點成就感!

2005年出道時的王麗雅,身份是模特兒比賽的冠軍。那時候,她對於“模特兒”的理解也和大多數人一樣——必須瘦、最好是紙片人、不能曬黑、對美食堅決say no……也和這個行業裡的大多數人一樣,習慣了夜夜笙歌的生活——這樣的日子看起來五光十色,完美而光鮮,卻總是會讓她忍不住懷疑人生——一旦有一天老了、胖了、醜了、不有趣了,豈不是就是個無用的人了?