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the sun shines through the mist and leaves
Itabashi, Tokyo
Itabashi Botanical Garden - Tetsu Hiraga
two decorative objects sitting on top of a green table next to branches and berries with snowflakes in the background
a plant growing out of the ground next to a white wall with cracks in it
Hamburg 2012
pink flowers are blooming in the sunlight
Pink Cherry Blossoms by junichiro AOYAMA #Spring #Flowers #Cherry_Blossoms
a large tree sitting next to a body of water
Chronicles of a Love Affair with Nature
Chronicles of a Love Affair with Nature
a forest filled with lots of tall trees and green plants on top of the ground
These Color-Blind Photographer's Pictures Will Make You Want To Ditch Technology And Move To The Woods
After all, it's all about balance. Kilian Schoenberger
a vase with some yellow flowers in it
Stigma and pollen
Stigma and Pollen by Andre De Kesel #Photography #Macro #Flower #Pollen
yellow leaves are arranged on the wall
52201 Ginkgo biloba
Ginko - Leaves turn a buttery yellow in the Fall and are beautiful when the sun shines on them. This brilliant colleague reminds me of shingles on a building.
the bark of an old tree with green moss growing on it's sides and bottom
Eucalyptus 85
gorgeous Eucalyptus...found in kauai with the brightest greens that exist with gorgeous oranges to boot...God is so creative!
beets and other vegetables are arranged on a white surface
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an old wooden box with flowers growing out of it in front of a blue wall
The layers of texture
a glass bottle filled with plants sitting on top of a window sill
happy birthday card with purple flowers and grass
Garden Design.....part 2. Three homes, Six plants.
{<3} giant allium amidst ornamental grasses