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an altered piece of fabric and lace with words on it that say this is love
'Professional Neurotic' - reappropriated fabrics, collected papers, collage
a mannequin wearing a multicolored necklace made out of paper hearts and wings
running paint paper necklace
papeles de ilusión
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of rocks and stones
an image of corals and seaweed in the water
our changing seas IV — Courtney Mattison
an abstract painting with circles and shapes
Rust and Flowers
a close up of a embroidery on a white surface
Colorful Spider Embroideries by Adam Pritchett — Colossal
a close up of a person's hand on a colorful piece of clothing that is covered in beads
voyagerrr: Photo
the fabric has been dyed with different colors and patterns
Ingrid van der Zalm
a woman sitting on top of a pile of paper next to a giant stack of papers
Rachel Perry | Lost in My Life (Receipts Seated) (2016) | Available for Sale | Artsy