Pewter Cast Desk Max Lamb. Pewter Stool Dimensions: 400w x 400d x 400h Material: Pewter (92% Tin, 6% Antimony, 2% Copper) 2006, Pewter, Caerhays beach, Cornwall, Uk

This is a pretty amazing idea. Probably too soft to be totally functional, but a sweet process. Pewter Cast Desk by Max Lamb.

A concrete clock with an oak veneer dial called MOAK Clock. Handcrafted by Studio PS in The Netherlands.

A Concrete Clock With An Oak Veneer Dial Called Moak Clock Handcrafted By Studio Ps In The Netherlan

Cork corner stops Ilias Ernst's minimal clock from rolling away

Dutch designer Ilias Ernst has created a simple clock that rests on an corner extended from its cork frame

Floor Care concept development by Fabio Yuji Matsuda, via Behance

Sketches we like / Digital Sketch / Vacuum Cleaner / Coloring / Floor Care concept development / at behance


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