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Dus Mahavidya

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Vishwaraj Sinh Jadeja on Instagram: "Ashtadasha Shaktipeethas  11 : ओढ्यायां गिरिजादेवी  Odhyāyām Girijādevî  Devi  Girija of Oddiyanapītha    11th goddess of the Ashtadasha series is Devi Girija, also popularly known as Devi Virāja ( Virāja name means, The One who does not have Rajas Guna) or Birāja (in local language). Her temple is located at Jajpur, Odisha. According to the Tantra Chudamani, Sati's navel fell in the Utkala Kingdom, also known as "Viraja Kshetra". It’s believed that Sati's Oddiyanam (an ornament worn by woman around her navel) also fell here, hence the place was also popular as "Oddiyana peetha" and this is also the origin of the name of Odisha. This teertha is also one of 3 Gaya cities. Jajpur is also known as "Nabhi Gaya" where Pitru Pooja (Pinda Daan, Tarpan, Tithi) is performed.    Lord Brahma performed a Yajna (Jagna in vernacular language) in the Champakvan here from which Goddess Virāja appeared here; hence the palace got its name Jajpur (the city of Yajna). The temple is located on the slopes of river Vaitarani.    Iconography : She is a two armed Mahiṣāmardinī image. The Goddess holds a trident in right hand and lifts the tail of the theriomorphic form of the buffalo like demon with her left hand so that the front portion of the demon's body is knelt down. Standing in a pratyaliḍha pose she tramples the body of the demon with her left foot and pierces the demon with her trident. On her head she has the carvings of Gaṇapati , yoni, linga, crescent moon and the serpent; each having its meaningful implication. Her mount,lion is absent in the vigraha. मातः श्री विरजांबिके हरिहर ब्रह्मादिभिः संस्तुते।  धातुर्यज्ञ समुद्भवे त्रिजगतां सौभाग्य सम्पत् प्रदे।।  श्री पादनत वत्सले तनुभ्रतां हृत पद्म सञ्चारिनिं।  दीनोहं प्रणमामि पद्म चरणे मां पाहि विश्वेश्वरी।।  I offer adoration to Sri Virājambika,  To whom Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, and other Devas commend.  O’ Devi, who bestows wealth and fortune into the three realms at the beginning of the Yajna of Brahma (Dhata).  As an ardent devotee one prays to the blissful Devi who fills the life of her Bhakts with joy!  O’ The Goddess of the multiverse, please protect me, The Downhearted one bows down at your lotus feet."
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