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a notepad, pen and notebook with a drawing of a girl drinking from a cup
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a drawing of a ghost surrounded by crayons on a white surface with pastel colors
a drawing of two cats next to a birthday cake
four markers with different designs on them
three markers with the image of yoda on them and two erasers next to it
a drawing of a dog sleeping on a blue couch
three small erasers are sitting next to each other on a pink and blue surface
a dog with a bone in its mouth is next to two rubber stamps and a stamp pad
a drawing of a person with an animal on their head in the shape of a bag
some markers are laying next to each other on a sheet of paper with two penguins in the middle
four different colored crayons sitting next to each other on a sheet of paper
Quali lavori si possono fare con la terza media? - imgrum.org
two markers are next to a drawing of donuts and a cat in a glass