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four images show how to sew the pants
The 5 minute hack for making elastic waistbands smaller
The 5 minute hack for making elastic waistbands smaller
a pink plate with a toothbrush on it and the words diy concrete patio cleaner no bleach
DIY Concrete Patio Cleaner Based On Science! - Chemistry Cachet
a box of borax sitting on top of a counter next to measuring cups
35 Unusual Uses for Borax
Borax can be used to clean almost anything around the house and it takes up very little space, leaving you room to store other things.
before and after pictures of a t - shirt that has been worn out
Got a Hole in Your Favorite T-Shirt? Here’s the No-Sew Trick to Fix It
The easiest way to repair a pinhole prick in your favorite T-Shirt doesn't need needle, thread or sewing at all— just this quick trick that works like magic.
a knitted snowman doll sitting on top of a wooden table next to buttons
Best Free snowman doll knitting pattern for Christmas - easy for beginner
My PDF knitting pattern is written in English, the file is 10 pages PDF. The pattern includes all the necessary information, clear instructions, and 51 step-by-step figures to guide you through each step. You can also watch a tutorial video on my website [] to see how I made this snowman. It’s very easy to follow and suitable for beginners. You can make the hat and scarf in any color you like.
three pictures of someone holding a pen and writing on the wall
How to Fill Nail Holes - Easy and Frugal Tip!
someone has posted an email to nail holes in their nails, and it's funny
How to Fill Nail Holes - Budget Savvy Diva