DIY Project: Chain of Heart Napkins

Chain of hearts napkins tutorial

Embroidery stitches #2

The image above presents a variety of different stitches that could be intergrated into many different embroidery designs. I especially liked the Russian chain stitch as it reflects my concept becoming symbolic of radiation signs.

Designs from - always a winner  Great idea for embroidering on denim!

machine embroidery (Victorian - Not for Elizabethan)

Reindeer Ornament Template | Scribd

Reindeer Ornament Template--use as a form to iris fold!

PAPA NOEL ASOMANDOSE                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

tubes noel / pere noel Plus

Bordado de 12 meses por Yumiko Higuchi libro de por MotokoThreads

12-Month Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi - Japanese Craft Book

[ BOOK DETAIL ] Language: in Japanese Condition: Brand New Pages: 78 pages Author: Yumiko Higuchi Date of Publication: *This book has patterns inside, inseparable from the…

rosas de rococo 2

Open rose construction - § for image using open roses

Bordado mexicano en un solo color

Hungarian and Turkish embroidery design similarities

Álbum de imágenes para la inspiración | Aprender manualidades es

Álbum de imágenes para la inspiración

Dance enables me to show the world my inner self and people see the real me. I might seem different online, in usual. But when I dance people see ANKITA.

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Holiday Pillow Christmas Pillow Festive Pillow by wfrancisdesign

Vela e azevinho pintar

Candle and holly outline for quilting or craft at christmas

Gris corredor de la tabla lado mexicano de textiles realizados por ArteDeMiTierraMX

Table Runner gray Mexican Textile hand made by ArteDeMiTierra

Diseños para pintar manteles navideños - Imagui

Diseños para pintar manteles navideños - Imagui

Mandala bordado

Mandala bordado

This is the pattern I used for the reindeer in the main bathroom.  I prined the names on them then cut them out and with a little poster putty put them on the wall.

Cute Reindeer PNG Picture Plus a ton more!

Lámina de dibujo para colorear Ángel para navidad

Colorear Dibujo Ángel Navidad

Beyond the Fringe: Primitive Angel Freebie