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This GIF is very interesting, as the majority of this animation has a black and white theme, which contrasts against the very colorful umbrella. The fact that it is raining and the umbrella is hung up, not being used, is interesting.

algo asi es lo que quiero en mi muñeca...representa tantas cosas! cuerpo, alma y espiritu... o la mujer en cada etapa.... la union eterna que nunca acaba....

The triskele, three spirals radiating from a common center Because the triskele is often drawn using one continuous line, it has come to represent the unending and continuous movement of life. It's progress and flowing energy.

Love is... the moment your eyes meet.

Love is. Number one website for Love Is. Funny Love is. pictures and love quotes. Love is. comic strips created by Kim Casali, conceived by and drawn by Bill Asprey. Everyday with a new Love Is.

Africa | Ceremonial Overskirt from the Kuba peoples (Bushoong group) from the Kasai River region of DR Congo | Raffia palm fiber, camwood, tukula | late 19th century

Africa Ceremonial Skirt (Ntchak) from the Kuba people (Bushoong group) from the Kasai River Region of the DR Congo Raffia palm fiber with natural dyes ca.

African Patterns

Taken by Tjaart van Staden Green Market Square, Cape Town. Interesting textures and patterns to be found in textiles made from natural fibres.