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a comic strip with a man standing in front of a bed and looking at the camera
a drawing of a man with two swords in his hand, walking up some stairs
Bruce Wayne
a comic character holding his hands up in the air
an image of a man with blood on his face
a drawing of a man with bandages on his arm and leg, holding a knife
a batman laying on top of a bed next to a red apple and a chain
a drawing of a man with his hand on his face, holding something in one hand
bruce wayne
the batman is getting ready to strike his opponent in this scene from dc's new 52
an image of a comic character in the water
a comic page with an image of a woman wearing a batman mask and red lipstick
Batman - Date Knight - 008
a man sitting on top of a wooden chair in front of a comic book cover
Jason Todd
Batman: 3 Jokers (2020) #jasontodd #robin #redhood #dc #dccomics
a comic strip with an image of batman and cat
spells in flower vases