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The land surrounding Santa Fe is among the most beautiful in the country. Our homes are designed to enhance the topography, preserve the natural landscape, and take advantage of the breathtaking views.
entry to courtyard before house
목구조의 기둥이 없는 흙집이나 압축볏단집(Strawbale House) 디자인 올려봅니다. 구경하시고 좋은 영감 받아가세요. 물론 인터넷 서핑한 결과물들입니다. 제천에 있는 흙집인데 곡선 디자인이 멋진 흙집입니다. 미대교수인 분이 지어서 산다는군요.
I have never seen a house design like this. I absolutely love it!  I would put a nice courtyard in the center section and fill it with plants.
Casa de adobe
Casa ecológica de diseño al estilo Gaudí