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Diego Armando Maradona in Mexico City Stadium just before Argentina's winnin' game in the World Cup 1986 :)


Official Rangers Kids Football Shorts available to buy online. These are the brand new football shorts of Glasgow Rangers, which are available

hahaha I have no idea if this is true but it's funny. Wonder what the American's would look like...

Soccer plans. (Football actually)

Funny pictures about Game plans. Oh, and cool pics about Game plans. Also, Game plans photos.

Il y a quelques années, je vous avais déjà parlé des illustrations de l'artiste Sud-Coréen Sakiroo Choi (avec son excellente série Yellow Lemon, les cit

26 illustrations explosives de Sakiroo Choi

A few years ago, we already talked about the illustrations of South Korean artist (with his excellent series Yellow Lemon, the evil Lemons of Sakiroo Choi).

One hundred pictures of footballs from crests of clubs and national teams or associations.

What does a football look like?

What does a football (non-American kind) look like? A cool graphic comparing the many different types of soccer balls found in logos worldwide. R MELGAR