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Site uses Cyrillic script. But this is a cute easy project for the idea bank. would be easy to make out of fleece.

Patrón de chaquetón

Шьем и переделываем-3

Loose-fitting jacket in double-sided, quilted fabric.


Vibrant and colorful embroidery design inspiration


MOLDE DE Deniz I would just add sleeves, of course.

Da net

so UDDERly CUTE!they just moooooove me to smile. cute shabby chic cow lavender bags or hangers for wardrobe

Chaqueta lana

would be terrific out of sweater! Urbanska: walk jacket tailored from the circle Itself

Prepárate para el invierno con la ropa que ya tienes en el armario.

10 Tutoriales para convertir tus prendas en ropa de invierno

Love this, so easy and looks so comfortable - cocoon shrug , pattern instructions