Facundo S. Marplanauta

Facundo S. Marplanauta

Never give up, never surrender!
Facundo S. Marplanauta
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It's Okay To Be Smart • This GIF might break your brain a little:

This GIF might break your brain a little. Stare at the dot. Is the afterimage color?

Gotta Groove Records - "Groove With Us" by Nick Cavalier. Gotta Groove Records - Groove With Us

Gotta Groove Records - "Groove With Us". Gotta Groove Records - Groove With Us A short documentary about a new vinyl pressing plant in Clev.

Wonders of Life BBC Trailer

January of 2013 will see the broadcast of the third incarnation in the critically acclaimed "Wonders Of" science series presented by Physicist Brian Cox.

13th: Bleecker Bob’s record store. NYC.

Bleecker Bob’s record store.

the EDGE by Piotr Kabat. A little homage to Hunter S. Thompson based on a "Gonzo The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson" excerpt.

See fonts come to life in these amazing kinetic typography animations, including music videos, movie tributes and more.