Plastic Bottles Into Snowflake Ornaments | DIY Cozy Home

plastic bottle snowflake ornaments Super cheap and super easy! We have tons of plastic bottles already.

Cold Porcelain is a "clay" or paste that can be made at home and is composed of white glue and cornstarch.  Cold porcelain is known throughout the world by many different names. It is also known as porcelana fria,  masa flexible,  biscuit, pasta di mais, among others.   It is soft, white and flexible and can be modeled into small figures or large.  Hard and durable when cured

This site has several recipes & videos for making "Cold Porcelain." Cold porcelain is a "clay" or paste that can be made at home and is composed mainly of white glue and cornstarch.

36 Adorable DIY Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids

Handprint reindeer and construction paper trees are kid classics. But wouldn& it be great to try something new this year?

Hand Print Craft Ideas for Kids To Make School Projects | Best Out Of Waste

List of the cool hand print ideas for kids to create primary school projects with awesomeness and creativity. Also learn to create various Hand Printing designs.

DIY photo magnets

DIY Weekly Menu Board

Photo magnets out of bottle caps! Paint the inside of the cap, cut and glue your photo, glue magnet on back or glue a thumb tack for peg boards. Or necklace with pic or charms