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an image of a green creature with big eyes
Green Squid
a yellow stuffed animal with big eyes and paws on it's legs, sitting next to the letter s
an octopus with big eyes is floating in the air
Blue Inkling Squid
four different colored monsters with eyes and nose paint splattered all over the place
Splatoon Art 🎨
a person riding a skateboard on top of a pink surface
Nintendo’s excellent shooter Splatoon is even better on the Switch
an image of a cartoon character with paint splattered on his face and arms
Splatoon 2 announced for the Nintendo Switch; trailer, details, and screens
Splatoon 2
a stuffed toy with big blue eyes and green hair is holding a small doll in his arms
a stuffed animal doll sitting on top of a red bed sheet with headphones and pink hair
My mother and I preorder this plush from HobbyLink Japan last October and it arrives to my mailbox on December 8, 2017 when I came outside to check the mail. When you order things from HobbyLink Japan, your packages arrives to your house really fast than Play-Asia. (Ordering packages from Play-Asia takes a long time to arrive in the mail and it's pretty far, since I preorder my Splatoon 1 Inkling Girl plush from there it takes a long time to arrive until January 2016 it finally arrives on time.)
an image of a green monster head with two eyes and black dots on it's face
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