diferentes tipos de bordados

разные виды вышивки

Create designs w/ rope or fabric scraps and secure with thread. How clever w/ uniquely beautiful results! (Apparently, this is called couching, and is shown using t-shirt scraps on monk cloth.

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Bordados modernos 'Cactus 2' 3 pulgadas aro por CheeseBeforeBedtime

This colourful cactus contemporary embroidery hoop art is a design created & hand stitched by MaggieMagoo Designs.

Colección de cactus 5 pulgadas aro arte de por CheeseBeforeBedtime

Embroidered Cactus, 'Cactus by Cheese Before Bedtime MADE TO ORDER - Please allow one week for production. Slight variations may occur due to the hand stitched nature of each piece.