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Mysterious Alaskan Sasquatch Sightings of the Alexander Archipelago - Unexplained News

Detectaron más de 200 posibles mensajes extraterrestres proveniente de las estrellas

Art studio The Saline Project has created a wonderfully eerie stereoscopic animated GIF series of horror characters entitled "Monsters, Villains, Heroes, a

Lot's of Photo's Of Things That Are Scary

There are things on this planet that are weird, bizarre & just plain scary. From insects, aliens, unknown creatures to deep sea monsters.

Alien Grey Wall Plaque Sculpture by StarCastSculpture on Etsy

La Virgen con San Giovannino y un #OVNI.

Coild be sci fi but its actually real.This century painting of the Virgin Mary shows a UFO in the background. A man is pointing up at it and his dog is barking at the object.

The Varginha incident, Brazil – The truth In 1996 in the town of Varginhia, it is reported that a number of living aliens where captured following a UFO crash. Local residents claim the aliens roamed the streets of the town in the early hours of the 20th January, a number of which got rounded up and escorted away swiftly by the armed forces, aided by local firemen. Rumours suggest not all the aliens got captured, and some escaped to the near by jungle. Edward Snowden has confirmed the story…

I've seen aliens like this crispy critter when serving our country as U. Navy Seabee in the early .They are real , they are here,and they have been here for awhile.