CLASES DE TANGO EN MALAGA – PILAR OLIVARES BSD – BAILAS SOCIAL DANCE MÁLAGA CENTRO. Clases de baile para grupos y particulares. Coreografías para Primer Baile de Bodas Novios.  C/ Esperanto nº8, 29007. Málaga 951 39 33 20 // 622 71 86 86

Andre Kohn - Born in Stalingrad in the heart of the former Soviet Union.--> I had my first Argentine Tango lesson today. It was very challenging, but in all of the right ways because I want to do this dance so badly.

Alexandrina Karadjova. Silueta con sombrero

Hi Joyce, I have found a very beautiful painting for you by Alexandrina Karadjova - Acrista. Enjoy it my dearness

morgan davidson

Morgan Davidson - Colored pencil mixed media Illustration of a pretty wilderness girl getting ready in the morning with the help of her bird friends!

Lapiz, Boligrafo y Acuarelas

Roses in her hair Drawings by UK based artist Kate Louse Powell Take me away Fairy girl drawing Butterfly effect drawing Weird fishes drawing Drawing of girl with hummingbirds Mollie rose drawing Holland… Continue Reading →

Rostro de mujer en acuarela

Post with 5440 votes and 79806 views. Shared by TheGandalfNod. A beautifull wallpaper dump, now with a narrator!