Spirit the horse

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Obertaurer Imports 2013-3 by abosz007 on DeviantArt

First of all i'd like to thank BrindleTail to "sponsor" me some sketches for this drawing xP i think in future i will ask everyone to submit a sketch of... Obertaurer Imports 2013-3

Fanimage : DeviousLittleWolf - 193

Quinn and Pon racing each other outside the village. I've been dying to do an image with Pon in it for a while but I haven't gotten around to it till now. Renders and Characters (c) Me Background (c) Dreamworks

watching the stars by miesmauz on DeviantArt

Spirit and his father watching the stars, i hope you like this version of father and son characters designed by Dreamworks (c) watching the stars

Obertaurer Imports 2013-2 by abosz007 on DeviantArt

Just saying. This years imports will have somewhat stricter terms than last few years because there had been many cases neglecting their horse. Hereby i... Obertaurer Imports 2013-2

Fanimage : Bae - Learn

A scene of an RP with Rena15 and me. Here Winnobe is showing Troy around her tribe after he was captured by the Lakotas and taken away from the cavalry. In the RP they originally had a rope tied around them, but I guess I forgot adding that. ________________________________ Image © Dreamworks Winnobe © Rena15 Troy © Me Rendering © Me

Hello, Ladies by punkarooney on DeviantArt

Wichahpi, being a flirtatious young stallion to a group of beautiful young mares. He loves showing his charming smile and the paintings on his legs, whi... Hello, Ladies

Fanimage : DeviousLittleWolf - 216

Wanted to use Serpentine's render the minute I saw it. Just Rio and Sparrow playing with Little Creek while Cordell watches confused. Renders (c) Me Original Image (c) Serpentine Little Creek (c) Dreamworks

DI | Rhust| Sleeping in the Noon by Cat-Bells on DeviantArt

Drawn Background 5D 2x Drawn Herd Members Full Body 8D 13 Diamonds Present Flint Marble Healing Scene Healing Scene for Marble Healing ... DI | Rhust| Sleeping in the Noon

Harmony by wux001 on DeviantArt

Contest entry for Yeah, here is! I did it for Suzi's 2nd part of her contest 'n I've choosed my Typhoon and her Legacy. Hehe, there are t... Harmony

Fanimage : Scoody_Doo - Strider and Prancer ^^

This is my view on how Prancer would look. In my version Strider was born at night hope you like it ^^

Childhood Memories by punkarooney on DeviantArt

Taima with her mother and father, Samba (left) and Gunner (right). These three are my main Spirit characters. Samba being the main of the main trio. If ... Childhood Memories

Fanimage : Sierra - Group Shot

Spark, Serentiy, Brit, Gabriel, and Flint group shot. It's just a scenario on what would happen if spark met his daddeh XD not knowing who he is of course. This is supposed to take place in a pasture, at Brit's Stable since it's a boarding stable many different horses meet there. And it so happens Serenity (Spark's crush) Spark and the two Calvary horses happened to be boarding there at the same time XD. Flint is being a grouch so Gabriel is apologizing to Spark for it while Brit…

My love by abosz007 on DeviantArt

Continue of: **************************** On the way to the mountain station the hunters had a rest from a very windy snow storm at the edge of a ... My love

Fanimage : DeviousLittleWolf - TRADE: Black_Mataki94 3

Aspen and his parents Sheila and Krane Renders (c) Me Characters (c) Black_Mataki94 Background(c) Dreamworks