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a pair of scissors and brush sitting on top of a black table next to each other
40th Birthday Party ideas: gag gifts, decorations, diy, crafty.
Natal, Homemade Gifts, Get Well Soon Gifts, Funny Gags
100 Funniest Gag Gifts: Homemade Pranks, Silly Gifts, & More » All Gifts Considered
there is a plastic bag with some sort of thing in it that looks like a pencil
Humour, Crafts, Joke Gifts, Funny Christmas Gifts
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a bottle of water sitting on top of a counter next to a glass container with a snowman label
23 Christmas Party Decorations That Are Never Naughty, Always Nice
melted-snowman - Home Decorating Trends - Homedit
a sign hanging on the wall that says hillbilly wind chimes with two pairs of scissors attached to it
the snowman poop is packaged in plastic
Christmas Gag Gifts - Prime Eligible
a pair of white toothbrushes sitting on top of a plastic bag next to a sign
two carrots are in a box with a sign
70+ Affordable Best White Elephant Gift Ideas 2018 - Gift Ideas Corner
minion pop candies in plastic wrapper
NEW Penguin Poop Novelty Gag Gift M Ms Candy Stocking Stuffer Holiday Winter for sale
a gift not included sticker on a wooden table next to a red lip bale
Gift Not Included
the original ipad is attached to a yellow sticky notepad with a black hole in it
some green beads sitting on the ground in front of a sign that says to replace the ones you have lost
an x box is sitting on top of a plastic bag that says bargainin counter xbox
a bandage for the determined diaper placed on top of a piece of paper that says, diet patch for the determined diaper place patch over your mouth until you reach desired weight
Goody Bags
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a man holding a yellow object in front of a red car and another image of a hand reaching for it
20 Easy Pranks to Terrorize Your Friends
20 Easy Pranks to Terrorize Your Friends
two pictures with blue ribbons on the door and one has an upside down ball in front of it
10 Family Friendly April Fool’s Day Pranks – Fun with the Teens! - My Pinterventures
Balloon behind door
the door is open and there are some items hanging on it
Long time Farker quantum_jellyroll has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was a Caturday regular, a Photoshopper extraordinaire and bane of the pol tab. Come join us in remembering him on Caturday. RIP dear friend, we shall not see the likes of you again
a pill with the words fuktol on it and an image of a pill that says
My new product in development...
three pairs of white slippers sitting on top of a black table next to a glass vase
My mothers gag gift hehe
a piece of paper that is on top of a cork notice board with the words,'hillbilly toilet paper '
Hillbilly Toilet Paper White Elephant Novelty Gifts
Often get stuck in a jam as to whether to buy toilet paper or reading material for the outhouse? Don't be forced to choose again! New toilet paper and reading material combined into one sleek package. Keep it in the outhouse, keep it in the car, never be without it again.
an orange jar with some type of medicine in it
Not My Fault You Suck
Jokes, Pills, Sarcasmo, Hilarious
Redneck Gifts
21 Laugh-Out-Loud White Elephant Gifts
a hand holding a jar of water with the label just add water written on it
Dehydrated Water In A Can
Over The Hill Gifts, Projects, Hacks, Jar Gifts
there is a sign that says free chicken strips
someone is holding up a bag of unicorn ears
Thankfully it's organic
Thankfully it's organic
Tacky, Dirty Santa
50 Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas for the Entire Family
Parties, Redneck Humour, Country, Redneck Crafts
Family Redneck Hootenanny Party Planning: A night of Games, Food & Fun
a package of nothing for the person who has everything
Gift of Nothing 1.0
a package of donut seeds sitting on top of a table
65 April Fools' Day Pranks To Use On Everyone In Your Life
75 Hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For
a bag of bubble bath with peanuts in it
Hillbilly bubble bath. Directions: Cook and eat one hour before bathing.
a green hair dryer sitting on top of a plastic bag next to a label
What to Do When You Can’t Find the RIGHT Gift
a bottle of metted snowman water sitting on a counter top next to a candle
Melted Snowman