Marielo Graterol Rosales

Marielo Graterol Rosales

Marielo Graterol Rosales
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I like her hairstyle & want her color BUT I want to punch her in the face for making that dumbass face. Stop with the kissy face shit. Best Ombre Hair 2015 – Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2015

I'm in LOVE. Brunette with highlights. Gorgeous for summer!

Hair Style: Brunette highlights will help to add warmth and liveliness to your day to day look! The Beauty Thesis. Love this color.

I havent seen one ombre that was cute for dark hair...but this is soooo cuutte!!!

I cut off more than 9 inches of my client May's hair! Gave her cut internal shaping and textured ends! She wanted a short messy long bob look that Knapp Knapp Jenner sports! But I want to color it my way! Messy hair is sexy and short hair is sexy too