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a hand holding a diamond in the middle of it's fingers, with the words lo
Frases para compartir
the words in spanish are written on white paper
the words are written in cursive writing on a white background with black ink
the words contodo are in black and white
a black and white poster with the words si was a sonar exagera
SI VAS A SOÑAR | Venta de Cuadros Modernos | De La Paz
Cuadros: Frases | Venta de Cuadros Modernos | De La Paz
a black and white photo with a butterfly on it's back side, in spanish
a beach with the sun setting in the background and words written below it that read, en el silencio enceento la calna
two wooden signs hanging on the side of a brick wall that says se feliz no perfecto
the words se feliz and eso ess gratis are shown
an arrow with the words prefetamente imperfecta written on it
a book cover with the words sonos instantes written in black and red hearts
two yellow sunflowers sitting in front of a blue wooden wall with the words vivirr as un dentale que veces ovidacamos