Clothing/granny square - how to crochet-Outstanding Crochet: Free pattern, notes, and charts for crochet long vest.

Amo Crochê ❥ Jú!

Pink Hat with Flowers free crochet graph pattern. I haven't got a grandaughter but if I had she would look as sweet as this!

innovart en crochet: Blanco Crochet

Bostonproper - they feature a LOT of really nice crocheted items in their catalogs.I love this sweater & belt!

cable knit celtic plait pattern

Knit - Celtic Plait Cable knit pattern - Worked over a multiple of (minimum Example worked over 25 stitches with garter stitch background

Free Pattern..FREE PATTERN ♥ 3800  FREE patterns to knit ♥

LillySmuul's Silver Belle

Debbie Bliss's "Silver Belle" from Vogue Knitting magazine.-now a free pattern on Ravelry. I like the bottom of the sweater, I would probably only knit that and the rest plain.

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