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Raspberry Mousse Chocolate Cups by Sugarhero! A recipe for elegant chocolate candy cups that contain rich raspberry-chocolate ganache and fluffy raspberry mousse.

Que tal aproveitar os restos de ovos de páscoa para fazer uma sobremesa diferente? Veja como faz copinhos recheados de mousse.

Copinho de Chocolate Recheado de Mousse

Piruletas de galletas Oreo

oreo on a stick Nom Nom Nom Oreos ON A STICK! Oreos on a stick food idea. Great for the office Birthday Party instead of cake!

Corazones de cheesecake

A semi-sweet, heart-shaped chocolate bowl filled with a creamy vanilla bean cheesecake mousse topped with a sweet berry compote. An easy-to-make, impressive dessert to share with the ones you love thi(Baking Treats Deserts)

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Pastelillos de chocolate rellenos

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Bombom de Limão e Hortelã | Receitas | Harald Chocolates e Coberturas – Brasil

Bombom de Limão e Hortelã | Receitas | Harald Chocolates e Coberturas – Brasil

Perfecto para fiestas. Verter chocolate fundido y colocar sobre él, antes de que solidifique, chocolatinas, lacasitos, conguitos, galletas, gominolas y cualquier otra cosa. Una vez sólido, cortar en porciones.

The reason this Halloween treat is in regular food and not my trick or treat board is that you can really do this with any candy so you can have it anytime of the year!

Milk Chocolate Woodland Fern Egg | £5.50 | A Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate egg with an elegant hand-piped white chocolate woodland fern design and stippled with dark chocolate.

A wonderful Swiss milk chocolate egg with hand-piped white chocolate design

FRESAS Y CHOCOLATE - Una combinación más que perfecta

Ice tray, strawberries, chocolate… go! (think you'd have to coat the bottom and sides of ice cube tray with chocolate before putting the strawberries in.