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a painting of a woman in a black dress looking down at her left shoulder and back
El Ballet en la Pintura
2. Andre Kohn, Ballet
an oil painting of a man's face
2012 painting
Sam Kim - Self portrait, 2012. Sam Kim is a member of the exclusive and closed…
a painting of mountains in the desert with grass and rocks
Artist: Mark Haworth - Title: Desert Light
Artist: Mark Haworth - Title: Desert Light - oil
an old man with white hair and beard
Hollis Dunlap
a watercolor painting of an old street with buildings in the background and reflections on the wet pavement
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Igor Sava #watercolor jd
an oil painting of a river surrounded by trees
Artist: Mark Haworth - Title: Cypress on the Medina
Mark Haworth
a painting of clouds and trees reflected in the water
The Infinite Pool - Renato Muccillo
an oil painting of clouds over a lake and trees in the distance with green grass on either side
Renato Muccillo
a painting of a woman tying her shoelaces with one hand and the other leg
40 Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings - Bored Art
"Look up there" - Marc Figueras, oil on canvas {hyperreal female figure artwork painting}
an oil painting of stormy seas with birds flying in the sky
“I waited, as if the sea could make my decision for me.”… Sylvia Plath Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky, Waves (detail), 1849.
an abstract painting with multiple layers of different colors and shapes in the same area, including buildings
Tibor Nagy
Tibor Nagy
a boat floating on top of a body of water
Noelito Flow
Donna Young Painting