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mariana lombardo
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Poster+size++12"+x++16"  The+High+Priestess+for+The+Fairytale+Tarot+deck.+ This+is+Scheherazade+from+1001+Nights,+she+knows+all+the+secret+stories

Poster size 12 x 16 The High Priestess for The Fairytale Tarot deck. This is Scheherazade from 1001 Nights, she knows all the secret stories - Online Store Powered by Storenvy


The Star Tarot - Cathy McClelland - This is a deck in progress. The Majors have been completed and the Minors are in process. One of the most exciting and beautiful decks I have seen. This is The Hermit.

hermitdiviner:cklookshuman: Modern Day Hermit Tarot CardTANKTOP | TEE | CANVAS | IPHONE | MUG I love this so much

Hermit tarot card for the modern age. A true new age hermit- sitting in bed with their laptop, cat and Netflix - sun in and sun out. Never bother to see the light of day with this tarot card prediction!