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a bunch of green and pink flowers hanging from a plant with long, thin stems
PlantFiles Pictures: Sedum Species, Stonecrop, Burro's Tail Sedum (Sedum burrito) by Floridian
Full size picture of Burro's Tail Sedum (Sedum burrito) I had one of these house plants for years and it never bloomed... I had no idea it did bloom. ... BECAUSE THEY NEED LOTS OF LIGHT!!! Hang them outside and bring them inside to a sunny window thru winter.
two yellow flowers are in a small pot
Suculentas tan raras que seguramente no las hayas visto NUNCA
an orange flower in a black pot filled with gravel
Haworthia 'Night Forest' reverse variegated
Haworthia 'Night Forest'
a blue succulent is sitting in a pot on a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
Echeveria lauii
Echeveria lauii - a mysterious color
small pink flowers growing out of the ground next to some rocks and mossy plants
Sedum dasyphyllum
Sedum dasyphyllum | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a green plant hanging from the side of a wooden building
cola de burro
an old blue suitcase with succulents in it
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four different pictures of vegetables in bowls on a table with green leaves and yellow sticks
Pequeñas Plantas Suculentas bonsái ~ ~ cute
a purple pole with flowers hanging from it's sides and the text use the pinterest app
De la fascinación por las suculentas, ahora unas colgantes.
some kind of plant that is growing out of the ground
a close up of a flower on a plant
Pachyphytum werdermannii
Plantas Suculentas: Pachyphytum werdermannii