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#muñecas #muñecasadora #adoradolls Muñecas Adora dolls - Muñeca Hearts Aflutter

Toddler Time Play Baby Doll Hearts Aflutter The adorable Adora Charisma Toddler Time Play Baby Doll Hearts Aflutter will teacher your child nurturing skills the

#muñecasbebéreales Muñecas Bebé Reales - Néstor 46cm

This beautiful baby of Así doll brand is 46 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 1386 gramos. Limited edition to 200 units. Delivery within hours in the spanish mainland.

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The materials needed for clear casting are water clear casting resin, catalyst (hardener), measuring syringe, plastic mixing cups and a mould. Opaque or translucent pigments can be used to colour the resin if desired. Wet and dry paper, and polishing comp