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the front cover of an italian book, titled proveribi italini
Italy Revisited by Mary Melfi
for italian sayings but this site also has loads and loads of other stuff including wonderful old photos
a book with russian writing and an american flag on the cover, in black and yellow
Tarjetas de Vocabulario para aprender italiano
Saber Italiano - Tarjetas de Vocabulario para aprender italiano
some people are talking with speech bubbles above them
the words want to learn italian with movies here are 7 awesome films that italian language learners don't want to miss
Learn Italian with Movies: The 24 Best Italian Films | FluentU Italian Blog
Want to learn Italian with movies? Here are 7 awesome films that Italian language learners don't want to miss!
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper next to an italian language text
Impariamo l'italiano
io me ne impippo di voi, che cosa ho perso degli amici? No, amici certo no. E…
a poem that is written in spanish with pictures of people and words on the page
Describing Symptoms
the spanish language poster with people in different languages and numbers, which are also on separate sheets
Learn Italian words: che lavoro fai?
learn Italian words infographic job names mestieri
a woman is cooking in the kitchen with a comic strip above her that says, ragazi s aviete fame vi prefado quago en quacon
Idiom of the day: "In quattro e quattr'otto".
a cartoon depicting a man and woman shopping in a grocery store
Idiom of the day: "A occhio e croce".
Idiom of the day: "A occhio e croce".
a pink book with writing on it that says l'analisi gramaticale
Esercizi di analisi grammaticale online con soluzioni
Esercizi di analisi grammaticale con soluzioni
a sign with two mice on it that says, quando i gatto nonce'e i topi ballanoo when there is no cat, mice dance when the mice will play
italian for my girlfriend
Learning Italian Language ~ When the cat's away, the mice will play.