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three wooden toothbrush holders decorated with cats and cactus designs, one has a straw in it
a blue vase with pink flowers painted on it and a green pen next to it
three teal cups with painted flowers and leaves are sitting on a white tablecloth
Art, Frida Kahlo, Vintage, Cutte, Sultan, Kunst
a red and green ceramic cup sitting on top of a white table
Paperchase Nice Slice Strawberry Mug
a yellow ceramic pitcher with a green leaf on it's handle and inside the bowl
Vintage Ceramic Lemon Pitcher Water Pitcher Juice Pitcher | Etsy | Lemon kitchen decor, Lemon decor, Ceramics
three vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other with flowers painted on them
three wooden containers with animal print designs on them and a black stick sticking out of one
@vestidor.dereinas Hand Painted, Print, Dots
Mates print
two vases with flowers painted on them are sitting on a wooden tray next to each other
two bowls with flowers painted on them are sitting next to a brush and wooden spoon
a toothbrush holder with an eyeball design on it
a toothbrush holder with eyelashes and eyes on it, against a pink wall background