Chocolate & Cherries

Recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Cherry Tart - a nice, thick layer of chocolate ganache and is topped off with ripe, red cherries and chopped hazelnuts.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - Better Than Toll House #chocolatechipcookies #tollhouse #recipe

Better Than Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Daisy Cottage Designs: Better Than Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. My go to chocolate chip cookie recipe from now on

Cherry Chocolate Cake

Cherry Chocolate Cake (zoe bakes rustic) Beautiful Summer Party Ideas candy cane cake pops Festive Candy Cane candy

Chocolate Marshmallow Cups

Spring has sprung, and these marshmallow cups are just the treat! These are good enough to gobble any time of year - Chocolate Marshmallow Cups by Completely Delicious

Malted Chocolate Brownies from @cookiesandcups

Malted Chocolate Brownies

Cookies and Cups Malted Chocolate Brownies - Buy malted milk powder, 6 oz milk chocolate, 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate cacao)

Chocolate Bundt Cake from @wearsmanyhats

Chocolate Bundt Cake with a Chocolate Espresso Glaze has a wonderful texture, and reminds me slightly of a Devil’s Food cake. It’s delicious, especially with the chocolatey glaze.

Chocolate Cherry Candy Cups from @farmgirlsdabble

Chocolate Cherry Candy Cups

Chocolate Cherry Candy Cups - so darn cute! I might try making them with an actual cherry inside. Or maybe chopped cherries in the filling?

TRUFAS DE CHOCOLATE FÁCIL FÁCILES Una receta de trufas de chocolate muy sencilla, para todos los públicos con sólo 3 ingredientes.

TRUFAS DE CHOCOLATE FÁCIL FÁCILES Una receta de trufas de chocolate muy sencilla, para todos los públicos con sólo 3 ingredientes.

Chocolate and cherries!

Black Forest gâteau from BBC Good Food Impress your guests with this chocolate cherry layered cream cake - a revamped version of a retro classic Full recipe

Dairy-free, Gluten-free and Vegan Chocolate Coconut Bites from @texanerinbaking

~~Gluten-free Chocolate Almond Butter Coconut Bites Recipe – satisfying energy bites, perfect for when you just need a little sweetness!

Chocolate Granola from @mtnmamacooks

Chocolate Granola is naturally sweetened with honey and uses gluten free oats. Its guiltless and delicious with Greek yogurt berries.

Chocolate Champagne Genoise from @sprinklebakes

Chocolate Champagne Genoise

Chocolate Champagne Genoise: SprinklesBakes knows her stuff. And when it comes to showstopping cakes, there's nothing more impressive than this chocolate genoise cake soaked in Champagne syrup and decorated with spiky chocolate sticks.

Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe @fifteenspatulas

How to make the BEST Homemade Hot Chocolate. This method gives you a creamy rich smooth chocolate drink Made with milk a little vanilla chopped chocolate and.

Fudgy Chocolate Cake Cups from @farmgirlsdabble

Fudgy Chocolate Cake Cups

These individual Fudgy Chocolate Cake Cups are rich with deep chocolate flavor, and the fudgy texture is extraordinarily swoon worthy!