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Miss Spectacles: Dallas Green. Guys wearing glasses, hipster guys, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, tattoos

Dallas Green W/ Cat, (Solo Artist & City in Color), Canadian musician - Tattoos - Ink - Portrait

May 16th can not come fast enough

Dallas Green (City and Colour). He truly has a voice of an angel and his lyrics are deep and meaningful and full of raw emotion

Dallas Green by Andreahhh, via Flickr

Dallas Green of City and Colour and Alexisonfire. A perfect guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist. I had the immense pleasure of meeting him recently, so I can also say that he's a super down to earth, genuinely nice guy. I love him and admire him greatly.

Dallas Green <3

dallas green = city and colour. saw him live and he sounds just like his cds, i think even better. and so funny and down to earth. love this guy!

maybe I should just make a City and Colour board

Hello, I'm in Delaware -- City and Colour -- Dallas Green absolutely slays me.

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